We are in business of simplifying
School Management

We believe that technology can ignite the next education revolution.

Our mission is to reshape the way of schooling by defining the future of school management. 

Our Leadership

arun saini

Arun Saini

Founder & CEO

Priya Saini

Priya Saini

Co-Founder & COO

Founded by Arun Saini and co-founded by Priya Saini, SkoolSheet is a proud initiative of Avinya Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. With a shared passion for education and technology, Arun and Priya envisioned a solution that would simplify the complex ecosystem of school management. They aimed to provide a platform that not only eases administrative burdens but also enhances collaboration and communication among stakeholders.

Our Vision

SkoolSheet is committed to fostering a dynamic educational environment where the power of technology seamlessly integrates with the wisdom of education. Our vision is to empower educational institutions with a comprehensive and user-friendly school management system, facilitating growth and fostering an enriching learning journey.

What Drives Us

  1. Innovation: We constantly strive to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of educational institutions, anticipating challenges and creating solutions that align with the modern era.

  2. Empowerment: Our mission is to empower schools by simplifying their administrative processes, enabling them to focus more on nurturing students and less on paperwork.

  3. Collaboration: We believe in collaboration and open communication. SkoolSheet serves as a bridge, connecting teachers, parents, and administrators to ensure a cohesive learning experience for students.

  4. Customer-Centric Approach: We place our customers at the center of everything we do. Understanding and meeting their unique requirements is the foundation of our success.

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We invite you to join our growing community of educational institutions that have embraced SkoolSheet to redefine the way they manage and operate. Discover the potential of a simplified, efficient, and collaborative school management system that propels education forward.


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