10 Best School Management Software in India

Every school, no matter how small or big, needs a system to manage its students, teachers, and day-to-day functioning. School management software will help you leverage your team, save time, and generate better reports to help improve your school.

With so many options out there, you may be wondering how to pick the right software for your school. Here is a list of the best school management software in India with easy to understand comparison table at the end.

Top 10 Best School Management Software in India

1. SkoolSheet

Skoolsheet is the most advanced & affordable school management system. It’s built on the latest PHP 8.1 framework with a clean UI that is easy to operate for every user, whether they are administrative persons (admin, teacher, librarian, accountant, etc.) or Parent/student.


It’s well-equipped with every feature that one could ask for, including Student data management, fee management, HR management, back office, syllabus/subjects, online classes, etc. The list is endless you can check the complete list of features on their website.

The latest framework & fast cloud servers ensure fast performance with no downtime so that you can work smoothly while ensuring reliability.

The best part of SkoolSheet school management software is its clear & simple pricing structure. They don’t have any hidden charges & you don’t need to ask for quotes to get their subscription.

2. Teachmint


Teachmint is a school management software that helps schools to manage their day-to-day work in an easy and effective way.

It’s user-friendly interface, simple implementation makes it a good fit for every school looking forward to transforming its operations.

3. Schoolknot


SchoolKnot is a cloud-based school management software for schools to manage activities, events, and tasks for students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders.

The application offers features like Attendance tracking, reporting & analytics, Curriculum Management, Messaging & Communication tools, Parent-Teacher interaction, and much more.

4. Fedena


Fedena is a system that helps you to manage your school effortlessly. It takes care of student admission, fee collection, examination result, and many more things.

It comes with an easy-to-use interface and multiple features which ensure efficiency in managing schools effectively.

5. Schoolbic


Schoolbic is a cloud-based school administration software that makes it easy to run the entire school, from managing student attendance to managing teachers’ leave.

With real-time information for every department and individual, Schoolbic helps teachers and admin make better decisions that lead to happy students who achieve success.

6. Keep Schoolin


Keep Schoolin is an online school management software that helps schools to manage their entire student and parent-related activities.

It is a cloud-based solution, with a user-friendly interface that empowers teachers, parents, and students with seamless collaboration on attendance, grade books, and classwork.

7. Vidyalaya


“Vidyalaya” consists of modules like Admission, Fee Collection, Attendance, Classroom Management, Exam Management, Reports, and also SMS and Email facility for parents and teachers to get real-time information about their children.

8. Edumaat


Edumaat is a comprehensive school management app that can help you manage your educational institution from anywhere.

It is an easy-to-use tool that includes features like Attendance Management, Student Information Management, Examination Records, Teacher Attendance, and more.

9. campus365


It makes managing school functions easier and more enjoyable. With campus365, your parents can easily access information and submit online payments via their smartphones.

Campus365 also allows teachers to create interactive teaching materials that are automatically graded by the software.

10. eschoolerp


eschoolerp is a school ERP software that helps to streamline the entire school administration process.

eschoolerp allows the management of student information, fosters peer-to-peer communication, and improves the learning experience by providing an interactive platform for teachers and students.

Best School Management Software – A Complete Guide

When you are looking for the best school management software for your school, the first thing to do is to understand your needs.

Some schools have specific requirements, and some schools have a general need for these software solutions.

Here, we will look at key points that you should consider while choosing the right school management system for your business.

Points to consider while choosing school management software

  • It should fulfill your needs.
  • The pricing should fit your budget to not put a dent in your income flow.
  • It should be easy to use with a clean & interactive User Interface.
  • The platform should be fast for the best performance & better user experience.
  • It should be future-ready with attractive features.
  • It must have a single login portal/app for all users to avoid confusion.

By keeping these key points in mind, you’ll be able to choose the best school management system for your needs.

Final Words

The first step towards bettering the quality of education in schools is to get the best school management software.

There are many factors that affect the selection of the right software, considering all those points SkoolSheet is the platform that stands on all our factors and you should definitely signup for SkoolSheet 30 days free trial to give it a try.

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