Exam Management System

Elevate your educational institution with our comprehensive Exam Management System, ensuring seamless administration, accurate assessments, and data-driven insights for continuous improvement.


Exam Scheduling

Scheduling the exams with an intuitive interface that allows administrators to add exams for various subjects, start/end time, date, exam type (theory/ practical), exam group, etc.

Exam Groups

Create exam groups to schedule exams into various categories, i.e. First Semester, Final Exams, etc. and manage marks for each group separately.

Automated Grading

Save time and reduce manual errors with an automated grading system that provides swift and accurate assessment results, enabling educators to focus on insightful feedback.

Date Sheet

Generate date sheet on automation in aesthetic format for given exam group and easily export it into desired format. Students, parents, and teachers can directly view it from their panel.

Exam Attendance

Add examiners, they can take exam attendance before starting the actual exam to keep the system updated with real time exam status.

Exam Types

Quickly schedule & conduct various exam types including theory & pracical exams without any hassles. Include them in your marking scheme as per your preference.

“Studies show that schools adopting modern management systems witness a 25% increase in administrative efficiency and a 15% rise in overall student satisfaction. Invest in progress, invest in your school’s success!”

Key Highlights

1. Streamlined exam processes

The exam management system optimizes and simplifies the entire examination lifecycle, from scheduling exams to grading, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing overall efficiency.

2. Accurate and fair assessments

Ensure precision in grading and assessment with automated systems, minimizing errors and providing students with accurate feedback.

3. Assignings marks made easy

Subject teachers can easily assign marks to their students for specific exams, give remarks in the same interface.

4. Integrated Result Management

With SkoolSheet’s integrated result management system you don’t have to worry about manual result creation. Generate result or marksheets effortlessly in few clicks.


As the educational landscape evolves, so do the challenges in managing admissions efficiently. SkoolSheet offers a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and enhance the entire enrollment process, bringing a host of benefits to your institution. 

1. Efficiency Boost

Streamline the entire examination process, from scheduling to grading, with an exam management system, saving valuable time for both educators and administrators.

2. Accurate Assessment Results

Ensure precision in grading and assessment through automated systems, minimizing human error and providing students with accurate feedback on their academic performance.

3. Comprehensive Analytics for Improvement

Utilize detailed analytics to gain insights into student performance and identify areas for improvement, fostering data-driven decision-making for continuous enhancement of the education process.

4. Paperless Administration

Embrace a modern, paperless approach to administrative tasks related to exams, reducing paperwork, minimizing errors, and promoting a more efficient administrative workflow.

5. Automated Workflows for Efficiency

Automate the exam workflow from creating exam, generating date sheet, to automatic marksheet generation. SkoolSheet exam management helps you automate most of administrative tasks.

Digital Process
Instant Insights
Better Workflow


Exam management system allows you to create exams, date sheet, manage exam marks and much more. It integrates with result management for seamless generation of result on automation.

Absolutely, you can conduct your exams as usual in offline manner but you can also create them on erp to  generate date sheet and exam schedule. Later on after checking the exam sheets teacher can update marks of specific students.