Learning Management System

Seamless Online Classes, Dynamic Courses, and Syllabus management. Unleash the Future of Learning with SkoolSheet’s Intuitive Learning Management System.


Online Classes

Conduct online classes effortlessly with zoom integration. Engage students in real-time discussions, interactive sessions, and collaborative learning experiences.

Syllabus Management

Effortlessly upload syllabuses for specific classes & subject, ensuring a well-structured and organized curriculum.

Online Courses

Empower educators to create, customize, and deliver dynamic online courses. From multimedia content integration to assessments, our platform facilitates a rich and interactive learning journey.

Integration of Multimedia

Enrich the learning experience by seamlessly integrating multimedia elements. Support diverse learning styles with multimedia resources, including videos, presentations, and interactive simulations.

Study Material

Provide useful study material to students relevent to their classes and subjects. Upload notes, marking schemes, previous question papers, etc. in pdfs, docs, images & other formats.

Role Based Access

Admins or teachers can create courses, upload study material or schedule online classes. While students can view or access them from their user panel.

“Empower your school’s future with a Learning Management System – where administrative efficiency meets educational excellence.”

Key Highlights

1. Engaging learning experiences

Foster interactive and dynamic learning environments. With features like online classes, multimedia integration, and collaborative tools, captivate students’ attention and elevate their educational journey.

2. Reduce manual work

It reducing the burden of manually providing syllabus, notes or other study material to each student. The students got access to study material of their respective class automatically.

3. Provide organised courses

Provide detailed organized courses with various sections of curriculum & lessons of various type. 

4. Enquiry management made easy

Convert potential leads into successful conversion with integrated enquiry form, assign leads to your staff, follow up and get them enrolled.

Digital Process
Instant Insights
Better Workflow


Its a module that lets schools manage learning related activities, directly from SkoolSheet erp. They can schedule online classes, upload syllabus, provide online courses.

SkoolSheet’s learning management system support wide range of file types including pdf, docs, images, video files. Teachers can also directly embed youtube videos into their courses.