Notices, Alerts, & Event Management

Transform your school’s events scheduling, notices, & notifications with SkoolSheet.

Event Management

Create Events

Create new events easily from event management module of SkoolSheet. Add events to specific dates, give suitable title, & status of event.

Keep Everyone Informed

Seamlessly communicate event details to parents, students, and staff through our integrated messaging system, ensuring everyone is well-informed.

Automated Reminders

Never miss an important event again. SkoolSheet automatically sends reminders to attendees, keeping everyone informed and engaged.


Create Notices

Create new notices for everyone with detailed description. Users can view the notices clearly on noticeboard from their user panel.


Noticeboard gives you detailed overview of notices on calender, weekly, or day lists to stay informed.

Real-time Updates

Enjoy real-time updates on event status, and any last-minute changes, fostering a dynamic and responsive event management process.

Notifications & Alerts

Multiple Channels

SkoolSheet facilitates communication through diverse channels, encompassing SMS, emails, WhatsApp, and web/app notifications. This ensures you can connect with your audience in the manner that suits them best.

Bulk Sender

Effortlessly send bulk SMS or broadcast WhatsApp messages directly from your dashboard. Choose recipients based on user roles or specific classes, input your customized message, and send instantly with ease.

Automatic Alerts

Automatically notify users about a range of events, ensuring a stress-free experience. Set up automated alerts for pending fee reminders, successful payment notifications, exam schedules, and more with ease.

“Elevate your school’s communication game, because timely and targeted notifications are the keystones of a thriving educational community.”

Key Highlights

1. Connected educational ecosystem

Foster a connected community with integrated systems, promoting engagement and collaboration among stakeholders for a thriving educational environment.


2. Integrations with popular gateways

SkoolSheet seamlessly connects with leading SMS gateways such as Twilio, MSG91, and Plivo for efficient bulk messaging. Additionally, AiSensy integration is offered for WhatsApp notifications.

3. Dynamic noticeboard

Post dynamic notices that remain on noticeboard for specific period of time. Notices are visible from every user dashboard.

4. Effortless communication

Streamline information flow with automatic notifications, ensuring timely and relevant updates for parents, students, and staff.


Enhance school communication with automatic notifications, a dynamic noticeboard, and seamless event management. Streamline information flow, engage stakeholders, and create a connected educational ecosystem effortlessly.

1. Seamless Event Planning

Streamline the entire event planning process with an integrated system that allows for effortless creation, scheduling, and management of school events. From parent-teacher meetings to cultural festivals, ensure every occasion is organized to perfection.

2. Enhanced Communication

Foster a culture of clear communication with a robust notification management system. Keep parents, students, and staff informed in real-time about important updates, announcements, and events through SMS, emails, WhatsApp, and web/app notifications.

3. Time and Effort Savings

Save valuable time and effort by automating the notification process. Schedule and send alerts for pending fees, successful payments, exam schedules, and more without manual intervention, allowing administrative staff to focus on other critical tasks.

4. Customization for Unique Needs

Tailor the notification and event management system to meet the unique needs of your school. From customizing message content to defining user roles and event types, ensure that the system aligns seamlessly with your school’s culture and requirements.

5. Real-Time Updates for users

Keep all users in the loop with real-time updates. Whether it’s notifying parents about a sudden change in schedule or informing teachers about an upcoming workshop, timely communication ensures everyone is on the same page.

Digital Process
Instant Insights
Better Workflow


SkoolSheet lets you configure every possible setting, so that you can enable notifications that is relevent to your users.

Yes, school admins can configure the message content of alert notifications with support of dynamic veriables such as student name, fee amount, payment link, etc.

SkoolSheet offers integration with diverse SMS gateways, and messaging costs are determined by the pricing structure of the respective gateway providers.

Web notifications pertain to in-account notifications visible to users upon logging into the platform.