Result Management System

Elevate academic success with SkoolSheet’s intuitive result management – automated grading, result, and marksheet generator.


Flexible Result Structure

Create custom result structure by giving different weightage to internal exams, final exams, practicals, assignments, or combination of few. SkoolSheet gives complete flexibility to design result structure according to board marking scheme.

Automated Result

Reclaim numerous productive hours through automated result generation, all while maintaining ultimate control and oversight. Configure various pass/fail conditions to meet institute needs.

Integrated Modules

SkoolSheet's result mangement sytem integrates with exam management, assignments, attendance, & other modules for smooth workflow experience for the administration.

Assign Marks

Subject teachers can easily assign marks to their students for specific exams, give remarks in the same interface. After assigning marks result can be generated automatically based on the marks.

Marksheet Generator

Design marksheet/report card by showing desired fields, custom school logo, board logo, authority signatures & lot more. Generate marksheets in single click and easily export them for printing.

Student Promotion

After successful result generation you can effortlessly promote passed students to higher grades for the next academic session.

Result Declaration

Notify students or parents in real time about their result diclaration. They can view their marks from their user panel and stay informed.

Grading System

Create grades with unique names, grade points, and range of percentage. Automatic grading system that will assigned grade based on given conditions.

Custom Components

Does your marking scheme include some custom components? Don't worry you can easily create them and assign marks against them.

“Empower your school’s future with a School Management System – where efficiency meets education. Studies show a 25% increase in administrative productivity upon implementation.”

Key Highlights

1. Digitalize result management

Streamline the grading process, saving time and reducing errors with automated result generation, ensuring efficiency in academic record-keeping.

2. Create flexible result structures

Achieve any complex result structure that aligns with the board marking scheme. Create structures for specific classes with custom settings.

3. Class results & student ranking

Easily get overview of class result with gradebooks, automatically get student ranking calculations and top performers.

4. Easy export & marksheet printing

Bulk export generated marsheets at once and send them for printing. The automated workflow saves a lot of time while giving complete design flexibility to department.


Invest in SkoolSheet’s Result Management System to revolutionize your school’s academic processes, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and the overall educational experience.

1. Efficiency Amplified

Streamline and expedite the grading process, saving valuable time for educators to focus on teaching and mentoring.

2. Error Elimination

Bid farewell to manual grade calculations; automated systems reduce the risk of errors, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

3. Real-time Insights

Provide parents and students instant access to grades, fostering transparent communication and proactive academic support.

4. Personalized Interventions

Identify and address individual student needs with in-depth performance analysis, allowing for targeted support and improvement strategies.

5. Customizable Grading

Tailor grading systems to fit your school’s unique requirements, accommodating diverse assessment methods and scales.

6. Historical Tracking

Access historical performance data to identify trends, enabling educators to make informed decisions based on past academic patterns.

7. Report Card Precision

Generate professional and standardized report cards effortlessly, presenting a comprehensive overview of a student’s academic journey.

Digital Process
Instant Insights
Better Workflow


Yes, SkoolSheet offers customizable grading schemes, allowing you to adapt the system to match your school’s specific grading preferences.

Certainly. SkoolSheet provides tools for subject-wise performance analysis, empowering educators to assess and address student strengths and weaknesses in specific subjects.

Admins can easily customize the objects they want to show on marksheet, as well as the appearance of the marksheet with custom colors. They can also choose from various predefined templates.