Student Management System

Streamlining the complexities of student data and interactions, this module ensures a seamless experience for both educators and administrators.


Comprehensive Student Profiles

Uncover a 360-degree view of each student, consolidating personal details, academic history, and performance metrics in one accessible profile.

Grades and Progress Monitoring

Dive into academic performance with a robust grading system. Track student progress over time, identify trends, and generate insightful reports for effective decision-making.

Custom Fields

Create custom account fields & field categories to collect the information according to your institute requirements. Enable/disable fields, make them compulsory, and much more.

Digital Student Files

Maintain a digital file of students where all detailed information about them is stored along with various uploaded documents.

Detailed View

Get quick overview of all students with selected column data, filter by specific class, section, or any specific field to get list of students you want.

Account Status

Effortlessly manage student accounts with various account statuses, active, rusticated, etc.

Interactive UI

Interactive user interface for students so that they got intereated in various learning activities on the platform, view courses, syllabus,

Exportable Data

Export any user data convienietly with the help of various integrated filters & custom column selection in various formats and achieve desired work objective easily.

Dedicated Student App

SkoolSheet provides dedicated mobile app for students where they can view class routine, date sheet, marks, results, & various academic things.

“In the world of education, managing students isn’t just about paperwork; it’s about unlocking their potential through a digital ecosystem that seamlessly combines motivation with meticulous management, turning aspirations into achievements.”

Key Highlights

1. Manage students on the go

Effortlessly view/update student data from any device, manage student marks, check fee status, attendance, send messages and make most of digital world.

2. Large Database Management

Manage large databases of thousands of students from multiple branches without any downtime or delay with our high end fast servers.

3. Customization for Institutional Needs

Configure the system to meet specific requirements, adapting to the diverse needs and structures of different schools for a personalized and effective management experience.

4. Generate reports & certificate easily

Conveniently generate marksheets, reports, or any other certificate with the help of embeded student data in the database.


As the educational landscape evolves, so do the challenges in managing admissions efficiently. SkoolSheet offers a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and enhance the entire enrollment process, bringing a host of benefits to your institution. 

1. Efficiency Through Integration

Streamline school operations by integrating all aspects of student management. From admissions to grading, communication to extracurriculars, a unified system ensures efficiency and eliminates silos in data management.

2. Time and Resource Efficiency

Save valuable time and resources with automated processes. From generating reports to managing schedules, our system optimizes workflows, allowing educators and administrators to focus on delivering a high-quality educational experience.

3. Secure Data Management

Prioritize the security of sensitive student information. SkoolSheet employs robust data security measures to ensure that all information is kept confidential, meeting the highest standards for data protection.


4. Reduce Dependancies on Papers

Save enviornment by minimizing paperwork and shifting towards digitally managed student management systems. It helps lots of institutes reducing their paper usages in real world.

Digital Process
Instant Insights
Better Workflow


Students can be enrolled through both online and offline modes. For complete details on enrollment you can check admission management system details.

Absolutely, SkoolSheet provides bulk upload method using which you can easily upload students excel sheet in given format and enroll them to specific class section.

With SkoolSheet you can easily create a linked parent account with their child account. So that they can pay fees or check the academic records of their all children.

Students or parents can be allowed to edit the limited information such as phone number, email addresses, profile image, apart from that critical information needs administration approval for successful changes.