Timetable Management System

Easily schedule classes and keep everyone in the loop with dynamic class routine. Save your time & efforts.


Intuitive Scheduling

SkoolSheet's Time Table Management empowers schools with an easy-to-use interface for creating and modifying class schedules effortlessly.

Automated Class Routine

Say goodbye to manual allocation. Create class routine once and system will keep assigns classes, teachers, and rooms as per schedule.

Real-time Updates

Keep everyone in the loop with instant updates. Any changes made to the timetable reflect in real-time, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Easy Swaps

Any teacher unavailable? Don't worry, now you can easily swap teacher for specific periods and assign that to alternative available teacher

Flexible Structure

Create class routines with custom period timings which gives you complete flexibility. Add general timings i.e. lunch break, assembly time & more.

Easy Accessibility

Access your timetable anytime, anywhere. SkoolSheet is designed to be responsive, allowing access from various devices for convenient scheduling on the go.

“Empower your school’s potential with a Timetable Management System – where time becomes a strategic ally, errors become obsolete, and operational efficiency becomes a reality.”

Key Highlights

1. Save time & resources with automation

Say farewell to manual timetable hassles. Our system automates the scheduling process, ensuring efficient class, teacher, and resource allocation with minimal effort.

2. Swaping with notifications

Notify teachers instantly about changes in their schedule or any new alternate class allocation. 

3. Lesson planner for teachers

Manage teacher workloads with lesson planner, view scheduled classes of each teacher for whole week. They can also view it from their dashboard to stay informed.

4. Integration with leave managment

Leave management or HR module integration ensures the instant alerts when any teacher got absent or on leave for period of time. 

Digital Process
Instant Access
Better Workflow


Yes, school admins can create class timetable/routine based on weekdays for specific class or section and assign class teacher at the same time.

The school admins can assign backup teacher in case of main subject teacher got absent, and easily notify them from erp.

Yes, guest lactures can easily be schedule within the system by providing lecturer name and lacture timings.