Frequently Asked Questions

SkoolSheet is a school management system that helps you manage your school, students, and other resources in an easy and effective manner.

Yes, with SkoolSheet every school operations can be handelled digitally (more than 70+ modules) and admin have better control over their school & student data.

Yes, with SkoolSheet admins can create online courses (video lessons, pdf notes, etc.), syllabus, subjects, and link them with respective classes. 

Yes, with SkoolSheet you don’t need to worry about that. The data is kept on secured cloud servers so that you can relax on our couch without worries.

Yes, using SkoolSheet users can upload bulk data of their school easily using excel sheets. You can easily enroll all existing students via excel upload method in single click.

The biggest advantage of using school management software is that it offers a single platform, which is a one-stop solution for all the basic, advanced and complex needs of a school. The software helps in easy and efficient management of any school.
The administration can get easy access to their student data in one clicking and easy tracking of their performance.

SkoolSheet doesn’t have any complex pricing structure based on number of students. We simply charge fixed monthly fee, doesn’t matter how big/small your institution.

For more details you can check our pricing page.

Yes, SkoolSheet have 14 days free trial which gives everyone enough time to try it out.

Increase your revenue.
Not your workload.

Manage your school efficiently and take more control over every small thing with detailed insight.