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Core Modules

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Admission Management

Say goodbye to admission counter queues. Our admission management system transforms traditional processes and makes it convenient for parents, students, & staff.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Student Management

Managing students has become a lot more easier with student management system, maintain student files, easily add/remove them, change status, & lot more.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Attendance Management

Effortlessly record & track attendance of students and staff, get overview of everything in detailed attendance reports. Click here to know more.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Flexible Academic Structure

Every institute has different academic structure, SkoolSheet gives complete flexibility to choose classes, sections, subjects, & lot more. Learn more by clicking here.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Exam Management

Create exams, maintain exam groups, assign marks, auto generate date sheet, and keep record of everything session wise in easy & effective manner.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Result Management

Design advance result structure based on marking scheme provided by boards, auto calculate final result, generate marksheets, etc. Know more by clicking here.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Fee Management

Automate fee collection, online fee payments, send auto reminders, track collection status & reports. Digitalize your fee collection process with skoolsheet, learn more here.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Event Management

Events are critical part of any organization and now you can add them digitally, showcase them to each user, information around it, send notifications and much more.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Time Table Management

Gone those days when you have to rush to noticeboard to see the class routine, now users can view it easily on thier mobile device, management can update it without any barrier.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Learning Management

Giving notes or study material individually to each student is quite old fashioned nowadays. SkoolSheet's learning management lets you do these stuffs digitally.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Notifications & Alerts

Timely notifications are critical for smooth operations of any institution, SkoolSheet lets you send bulk sms notifications, emails, whatsapp notifications, automated alerts & lot more.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

User Management

SkoolSheet allows you to create user accounts based on different user roles with their own user panel to manage permitted things. Admins, teachers, librarian, accountants, students, parents, etc.

Additional Modules

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

HR Management

Keep track of your staff digitally and eliminate the manual workforce required. Human resource module allows admin to create custom user roles, manage salaries, create payrolls and lot more to improve staff productivity.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Library Management

Managing library manually is tedious tasks and may lead to frequent human errors, to avoid this use SkoolSheet's library management system and manage your library digitally.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Inventory Management

Tired of maintaining inventory records manually? Now do that with our integrated inventory management. Add category, stocks, sell invoices, buy/sell reports & much more.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Finance Management

Keep track of school's income & expenses with our advance finance management system. Save your valuable time and get detailed report of finance in single click.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Transport Management

Add drivers, routes, vehicles, assign students, collect transport fee & lot more. Managing transport system was never this easy!

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Website Management

Don't worry about your online presense with skoolsheet cause we're providing frontend website with no additional cost. Isn't this amazing? Click here to know more.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Alumni Management

Alumni network is a key asset to an educational institute, and now its been easier than ever to create & manage alumni network. Host events, show galary, there's lot you can do.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Payroll Management

Got tired of creating staff payslips from treditional methods? Our payroll generator made it easy to implement & saves 90% of accountants time doing repeated tasks.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Employee Leave Management

Now manage staff leaves effortlessly with integrated leave management system. Create leave types, limits, and assign to user roles. Click to learn in detail.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Assignment Management

Assignments are crucial part of learning process and student assesment. This module lets you create assignments for desired classes. Online submission and reviewing makes it hassle free process.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Certificate Management

Creating certificates manually can be time consuming task, now you can generate certificate of various kinds easily with our integrated certificate management system.

Dashboard Skoolsheet school management system

Branch Management

Have multiple branches of your school? No problem, SkoolSheet lets you manage all your group branches from single dashboard. Amazed, right? learn more in detail here.

100+ Features

Equipped with every possible feature that can help schools manage things effectively.

Modern & Clean UI

Clean & easy to use UI that helps users to get engageged with platform easily.

Fast & Secure Servers

High end cloud servers of the industry to ensure smooth user experience with encrypted data protection

Reports & Analysis
Exportable Data
Mobile App
Chat Support
Daily Backups
Regular Updates

User-friendly Platform

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Bored of outdated platforms with boring user interface? Don’t worry! SkoolSheet is here to give you a pleasent experience even while working.

Ready to adapt your Institute

SkoolSheet is not just for schools, but it’s ready to use with any educational institute i.e. colleges, coaching institutes, preschools, etc.


At SkoolSheet, we take pride in offering a school management system that stands out for its exceptional features designed to elevate the educational experience. Here are key attributes that set SkoolSheet apart:

  1. Intuitive User Interface:

    • SkoolSheet boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring easy navigation and seamless interaction for administrators, teachers, parents, and students.
  2. Customization for Your School:

    • Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, SkoolSheet is highly customizable. Tailor the platform to match the unique needs and workflows of your school, providing a personalized experience.
  3. Effortless Administrative Automation:

    • SkoolSheet goes beyond basic management by automating administrative tasks, saving valuable time and resources. 
  4. Comprehensive Communication Hub:

    • Enhance collaboration between parents, teachers, and administrators with SkoolSheet’s robust communication tools. Centralize all communication for seamless interaction and information sharing.
  5. Real-Time Academic Insights:

    • Get real-time insights into student performance with advanced reporting and analytics. SkoolSheet empowers educators and administrators with data-driven decision-making capabilities.
  6. Flexible Learning Environment Support:

    • As education evolves, SkoolSheet supports various learning environments, including online classes, online courses, ensuring adaptability to changing educational landscapes.

SkoolSheet stands at the forefront of school management systems, combining innovation, customization, and efficiency to empower educational institutions. Join us in shaping the future of education.

Yes, SkoolSheet supports multiple branches, allowing users to efficiently manage all branches from a single dashboard.

SkoolSheet is a highly customizable platform, schools can set up various configuration settings to meet their preferences & complex academic structures.

Admins can customize invoices, payrolls, reports, user fields, appearance, and a lot more.

Yes, parents can access real-time updates on their child’s academic progress through SkoolSheet. Stay informed and engaged with instant access to grades, attendance, and other key information, fostering a collaborative approach to your child’s education.

At SkoolSheet, safeguarding sensitive student and school data is our top priority. We employ a robust set of security measures to ensure the utmost protection and confidentiality. Here are key aspects of our security infrastructure:

  1. Data Encryption:

    • All data transmitted and stored within SkoolSheet is encrypted, guaranteeing secure communication and storage.
  2. Access Controls:

    • Role-based access controls restrict data access to authorized personnel only, preventing unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information.
  3. Regular Audits and Monitoring:

    • We conduct regular security audits and monitoring to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities promptly.
  4. Secure Hosting and Infrastructure:

    • SkoolSheet is hosted on secure servers with industry-leading infrastructure to safeguard against external threats and ensure data integrity.
  5. Compliance with Data Protection Standards:

    • We adhere to stringent data protection standards and regulations, ensuring compliance with industry and legal requirements.
  6. Authentication Protocols:

    • Multi-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security, ensuring that only authorized users can access the system.
  7. Data Backups and Redundancy:

    • Regular data backups and redundancy measures are in place to prevent data loss and ensure continuity in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

SkoolSheet is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security, providing you with the confidence that your sensitive student and school data are treated with the utmost care and protection.

Absolutely! SkoolSheet offers user-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android, providing quick and secure access to key features on your smartphone or tablet. Stay connected and manage tasks effortlessly, anytime, anywhere.

SkoolSheet offers white-labeling options, allowing you to showcase your school’s branding (i.e. logo) across the platform. Customize the interface to align with your school’s visual identity.

White-labeling is an addon feature that you can include with any plan, it lets you replace SkoolSheet’s logo with your school logo and setup your custom domain for erp access.

Ensuring a smooth onboarding experience is crucial for maximizing the benefits of SkoolSheet. We offer comprehensive training resources to empower your school staff. Here’s what’s available:

  1. Online Training Modules:

    • Access a series of user-friendly online training modules covering key features and functionalities of SkoolSheet.
  2. Video Tutorials:

    • Learn at your own pace with our library of video tutorials, providing step-by-step guidance on using various aspects of SkoolSheet.
  3. Documentation and Guides:

    • Explore detailed documentation and user guides at that serve as handy references for navigating and utilizing SkoolSheet effectively.
  4. Live Webinars:

    • Engage in live webinars hosted by our expert trainers, offering real-time interaction and the opportunity to ask questions.
  5. Dedicated Support Channel:

    • Benefit from our dedicated chat support channel, providing assistance and clarifications to ensure your proficiency in using SkoolSheet.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial setup. With these training resources, your school staff can quickly become adept at leveraging the full potential of SkoolSheet.

At SkoolSheet, we prioritize your success and offer robust technical support to ensure a seamless experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Knowledge Base:

    • Explore our comprehensive knowledge base, containing articles and guides to address common questions and concerns.
  2. Live Chat Assistance:

    • Connect with our support team in real-time through live chat for immediate responses to your inquiries.
  3. Email Support:

    • Reach out to us via email [email protected] for detailed support and clarification on specific issues.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the software, ensuring that you have the necessary support to maximize the benefits of SkoolSheet.

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